Smile More

Laser whitened teeth smile more + it's the first thing people notice about you. Research suggests that a whiter smile can improve personal and social relationships and boosts you confidence. Your new brighter, natural looking smile is just 60 minutes away, making you feel better and look fantastic. Who doesn't want that!

smiling couple

A 1-hour laser teeth whitening treatment is all it takes for whiter teeth. Our 100% safe and totally non-invasive laser teeth whitening system can lighten your teeth on average by up to 4-14 shades lighter giving you a younger looking, natural, brighter, whiter smile. A one hour appointment is all it takes for you to be amazed by our “WOW” factor, maximum, immediate teeth whitening results in a single treatment.

100% safe laser teeth whitening with ZERO Peroxide. Laser Treatments non-invasive, whitening process is completely safe, painfree and cannot damage your teeth or gums in any way.