What causes discoloration of the teeth?

Tooth discoloration can be caused by genetics, ageing, cigarettes, food & drink e.g. tea & coffee. More serious causes are disease, trauma, nerve problems, old fillings, excessive fluoride and tetracycline consumption. Clients with Tetracycline or Fluorosis such as blotches or spots may have less dramatic results.

Why do I need my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening is the easiest way to improve your appearance, making you look younger. Considered by dentists as the safest cosmetic dental procedure, it also kills bacteria; a main cause of gum disease.

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

Yes! Decades of scientific research and treatment by dentists prove that laser teeth whitening is both 100% safe and effective, provided it’s carried out by qualified technicians using quality systems; which statement accurately describes Laser Treatments!

Is your laser teeth whitening as good as dentist whitening?

Yes! As teeth whitening specialists, we’ve invested in the best laser technology available anywhere. In fact our lasers may be more advanced than equipment used by many dentists. While many competitors still use older, less effective techniques, our laser whitening system instantly lightens teeth on average by up to 14 shades.

Are your laser teeth whitening staff qualified?

Our licensed teeth whitening technicians are fully trained in all aspects of laser teeth whitening. We do not use no drills or injections are required. Your gums, lips and lining of your mouth are protected at all times. When treating patients, we employ the same standard of care & attention that you would expect from your dentist.

What is the laser used for in laser teeth whitening?

Laser light activates and accelerates the oxidisation action of the whitening gell, for optimum results. Even old crowns and veneers can be restored to their former whiteness.

How long does teeth whitening treatment take?

Because we use the most advanced lasers, treatment is quick, safe & effective. A single 60-minute laser tooth whitening appointment is all it takes for years of built-up tooth discoloration to be removed completely.

Can I have veneers or crowns whitened?

While laser teeth whitening will not change the colour of NEW crowns or veneers, OLD crowns, veneers or fillings can be restored their original colour. Individual results may vary, but most normally healthy people can benefit.

How white will my teeth be after whitening?

Laser teeth whitening results vary from person to person, but our teeth whitening system can lighten teeth on average up to 14 shade. Even a change of just two or three shades will make a significant difference; the goal being to achieve your individual optimum whiteness while still looking natural. Results can be expected to last 6-12 months depending on whether you smoke or eat staining foods. Most clients have a 60 minute “top-up” annually to keep their teeth looking fresh, clean and white all year.

Will laser tooth whitening hurt?

Most clients do not experience any discomfort during treatment.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening During Pregnancy OK?

Although there is no evidence that laser whitening teeth while pregnant will affect the developing baby, it is best to postpone the whitening procedure until a woman is no longer pregnant and not breastfeeding. Healthy babies are very important, and until we know more, we recommend choosing the safest option: waiting.

What are the side effects of laser teeth whitening?

Whilst it is scientifically proven that there are NO side effects associated with laser teeth whitening, some people may experience slight sensitivity for an hour or so after treatment. These symptoms normally disappear quickly.

Do I need a dental check-up or have my dentist clean my teeth first?

It is not advisable to have your teeth cleaned IMMEDIATELY before treatment as this may increase sensitivity. If desired you should get your teeth professionally cleaned a few days before or after tooth whitening treatment.

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