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Shilajit is an amazing substance and full of benefits for all living beings. It has arisen from the sophisticated craftsmanship of nature. The combination of organic trace minerals, humic and fulvic acids, plant-based antioxidants, and many other beneficial organic acids sets it apart from other superfoods. Shilajit is one of the most potent sources of naturally harvested fulvic and humic acids ready for human consumption.


Why Should We Use Shilajit Resin?


If you are craving for a natural supplement that contains truly wellbeing promoting ingredients, Himalayan shilajit is a rare and perfect addition to your lifestyle. It has never been more important that we start replacing modern day processed products with natural ones because of the lack of nutrients in today’s soil and tempered foods. We place our trust in Shilajit for restoration because mother nature has crafted this beautiful creation full of essential minerals, benefiting human wellness since ancient times.


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The Mountain Tar of Youth

The story of a British explorer Sir. Martin Edward Stanley and the discovery of Shilajit during explorations of India in late 1870.

Shilajit provides a number of minerals, organic acids and other organic compounds that play relevant roles in body metabolism. Metabolism is a complex web of biochemical processes where the nutrients derived from ingested food are converted into forms that can be utilized by the body and eventually trigger most of the body’s functions including those of the immune and nervous systems.

Because shilajit has been found to contain minerals in their ionic form along with other nutrients and organic compounds, it’s no wonder Shilajit is thought of as a gem in the Ayurvedic discipline. It is hard to find a similar natural supplement that provides so many nutrients essential for metabolism, energy production and overall wellbeing. Shilajit is considered a tonic or adaptogen; a tonic is a substance that helps to balance our body.

In the Ayurvedic discipline, Rasayana refers to both the teaching of rejuvenation and a category of substances and protocols for vigor, vitality, and strength. Shilajit is considered a Rasayana supplement, an adaptogen. It has been used for millennia as an ancient tool to rebalance the body’s inner energies and enhance overall wellbeing.

Not only does shilajit contain its own wealth of nutrients, some of the nutrients it has, such as fulvic acid improve the absorption and usage (bioavailability) of other consumed nutrients. So taking shilajit may be the way to benefit the rest of your diet! This is helpful, given the modern issues surrounding soil depletion and reduced nutrition of the foods we consume compared to even 50 years ago. Shilajit, therefore, may help your body rather than offer unique benefits of itself. It is, however, one of the richest natural supplemental sources of fulvic acid as well as humic acid.

Benefits of Soft Resin Shilajit


Natural Fulvic Acid for Cleansing and Rejuvenation


Fulvic acid is a naturally-occurring “janitor” that quenches undesirable particles in the soil and water, making them inert. In fact, these interesting chemical properties have led researchers to investigate the fulvic acid’s potential as a cellular cleansing agent.

The acid helps maintain cellular homeostasis being a reservoir of many nutrients. These properties help cells to regenerate and function at their best, which is what makes you feel energetic and vibrant. Speaking of skincare, fulvic acid has been shown to permeate through all levels of the skin, improving the skin’s beauty.

Not to say that Shilajit and fulvic acid can make you immortal, but they sure do help promote a more graceful aging process.


Trace Mineral Compensation for Depleted Food


Unfortunately, way too many food nowadays are deficient in trace minerals and organic nutrients! This is a result of poor quality soils, environmental pollution and stress. These may negatively influence our body’s nutritional resources and energy levels, which is why many modern day people complain about poor quality food.

Shilajit is nature’s gift for rejuvenating your diet with its wealth of trace minerals (more than 80!). In fact, fulvic acid is well known for promoting easy absorption and a ballanced gut environment.


Strengthen Holistic Metabolism and Immunity


We all know that metabolism is complex and crucial for our everyday life. When a simple step goes awry, our quality of life can creep in easily. Shilajit provides a variety of compounds that are beneficial for improving metabolism, such as by boosting active enzymes that catalyze metabolic reactions. An important subset of these reactions is involved in your immune defense.

Shilajit naturally promotes the state of body balance and rejuvenation. Humic acid, fulvic acid, and trace minerals found in shilajit aid metabolism for better body performance balancing body functions including those of the immune and nervous systems.


Circulation and Nutrient Absorption


Red blood cells are crucial for our survival by providing efficient oxygen transport. They are tasked with the timely removal of CO2 and lactic acid from our muscles. When blood circulation is poor, you will find that the body feels more sluggish, sore, and colder. Shilajit provides many nutrients that might be used as building blocks for blood cell production to support circulation.

Apart from oxygen, our cells need a range of elements to power various processes constantly. This will require high bioavailability of the foods that we consume and an efficient digestive system. Shilajit is an excellent helper in this process by providing fulvic acid. Fulvic acid acts as a carrier in your body, helping with the fast transportation of nutrients into all corners of the body.

How to Use


Use Included Spoon

We provide you with a spoon that measures exactly the recommended average serving size, which is 200 mL for an average adult. This will help you have consistency in the amount of extract consumed each time.

                                              Shilaji spoon


Mix with Any Drink or Take It Straight

If you love a cup of coffee or tea for your morning routine, it can now get even better! Our Soft Resin Shilajit can be perfectly mixed with any beverage, making it both nutritious and enjoyable. Of course, you can also take shilajit by itself in the traditional and most effective way. Simply place it under your tongue or swallow it.

                                                                                                                                    Shilajit Drink

Take 1-2 Times a Day, 4-6 Times per Week

Our clients see the most benefits when they take Shilajit by course, which is usually 1-2 months at a time, and 2-3 courses a year. However, if you wish to have Shilajit on a consistent basis for consistency, simply limit the daily dosage and the number of days per week that you consume it.

                                                                                                                                  Shilajit dosing





Here is a complete list of trace elements in typical Shilajit:
organic acids (cysteine, lysine, alanine, histidine, arginine, aspartic acid, glycine, glutamic acid, serine, tyronine, threonine, proline, tyrosine, methionine, leucine, valine)
Benzoic and fatty acids
Hippuric acid
Humic and fulvic acids
Hydro-oxidized primary and secondary amide peptide bonds
Phenolic steroids and pregnane steroids
Phosphoric anhydride
Resins and plant remains
Silicate groups of silicon dioxide
Small amounts of strontium oxide



– Damage-free Cold Processing

– Concentrated Product

– No Buffers or Fillers Added

– Easy to Absorb

– Vegan & Eco Friendly

– Traditional Recipe


Shilajit is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional. Shilajit provides a number of nutrients for wellbeing and works similarly to vitamins and minerals. Its effect may be described differently from case to case. Unfortunately, we can’t say much about personal experiences from taking Shilajit to comply with current dietary supplement regulations but we will try to give a basic idea of why you may try it.

According to the feedback we receive from most of our customers it works as a natural burst of wellness. Specific effects may be different from case to case and we would like to leave it for your personal research (made on a scientifically proven and reputable body of information). Shilajit is safe and it doesn’t have serious unpleasant effects, but it shall not be ever substituted for professional medical attention in case you need it.




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