3D Advanced Bright White Teeth Whitening Strips

28 Mint flavour whitening strips for 14 daily applications. Non-peroxide teeth whitening strips with NO SLIP technology for a better fit. No-slip grip that moulds and adheres to your teeth for a better whitening experience. You can even drink water during the whitening. It provides over 1-hour glue to whiten your teeth. All ingredients are enamel safe. Quick and visible results, already after 1st use. Remarkably whiten your teeth in 14 days. The result is usually 4 -14 shades.


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Instructions for use: We recommend a treatment period of 14 days, one whitening daily. 1, Open Bright White whitening strip. Apply upper(longer) strip to the upper teeth. Apply the lower(shorter) strip to the lower teeth. 2, Separate the strip from the film. Dry the tooth surfaces, e.g. using paper towels. Place the film side of the strip against the teeth, try to avoid contact strips with gums. The Rest of the strip bend and stick to the inner side of your teeth. 3, Press the strip firmly against the teeth. Let it work for about 60 minutes. Remove the strip after use and rinse the mouth with water. At least 2 hours after using the product avoid eating teeth-staining food and smoking. We recommend a pause of 3 months between whitening periods.

Ingredients: PVP(K30), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerin, PVP(K90), Alcohol, Sodium Chlorite, EDTA, Stevioside, L-Menthol.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: -Children under 12 years old. -Pregnant or breastfeeding women. -People with dental ulcers – People with dental cavities or other damage. – If your gums are irritated or if you notice significant tooth sensitivity or you are allergic to any of the ingredients, stop using the product.